Kettle River – Banning State Park

Designated “Scenic and Wild” the Kettle River is an exciting run for whitewater paddlers. Flowing through Banning State Park, the river gives a thrill to adventure seekers.

whitewater rafting

Our run on the Kettle starts just above “Blueberry Slide” a long and tricky rapid to kick off the run.  The fun keeps going as the Kettle squeezes into the gorge and rafters run “Mother’s Delight” and the “Dragons Tooth” tight and technical, keep paddling and don’t forget to check out the scenery.
Next comes the “Little Banning Rapids”, lively and fun with a quick view of a Ghost Town.
The river slows a bit, giving rafters a little time before the final big rapid of the trip – “Hell’s Gate
The trip finishes with a stop at Wolf Creek Falls and a slow float back to Robinson Park in Sandstone MN.

Whitewater rafting near Minneapolis Minnesota

Water Levels – the Kettle River is a protected free flowing river, the river goes up and down with the rain.  At higher levels, big rafts are used, and when the river is running at lower levels we have inflatable kayaks (mini rafts.)  If the Kettle River is above 3,400 cfs, trips will be postponed to a later date.

Plese note:
The Kettle River is a free flowing river and the river level goes up and down with the rain. At times when the river is high we use big guided rafts and as the river drops we use smaller self guided rafts and inflatable kayaks.
We can not control the river level, but we do have the equipment to get adventure lovers on the Kettle River whitewater.

Rafting trips on the Kettle River

511 Main Street – we start with a shuttle ride from our guide shop in Sandstone, Minnesota to the head of the rapids in Banning State Park.

The Float  –  from the Banning State park river access back to your where you parked in Robinson Park.

Directions –  Located just off interstate highway 35, roughly half way between the Twin Cities and Duluth. Follow highway 123 into the town of Sandstone MN, we’re located at the end of Main Street across from the post office.

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